Legal services

Legal services

We provide legal services, in particular, in the following areas:

Corporate law

  • Establishing companies and execution of all changes to companies
  • Establishing branch offices and subsidiaries of Czech and foreign entities
  • Advisory in the administration and ongoing operation of companies
  • Organizing and preparing general meetings and meetings of other company bodies
  • Representation of shareholders and other persons in general meetings
  • Proposing appropriate internal structures within groups of companies
  • Execution of amendments to Articles of Association and by-laws, appointing and removing members of company bodies, preparing contracts of service with members of company bodies
  • Representation before commercial registers
  • Comprehensive liquidation services

Mergers and acquisitions

  • Execution of acquisitions and sales of capital participations in companies
  • Execution of all types of business transactions
  • Execution of all types of transformations of trading companies
  • Performing legal audits (due diligence) of companies
  • Assistance in negotiations with banks on the provision of investment loans
  • Assessing transactions with regard to the protection of competition


  • Preparation and processing of contractual documentation of all types in the commercial and non-commercial spheres
  • Legal assessment of draft contracts and negotiation of their wording
  • Asserting liability claims with regard to product liability damages and unjust enrichment
  • Legal analyses

Real estate law

  • Legal services in real estate construction, including representation in building permit procedures
  • Carrying out legal audits (due diligence) of real estate intended for purchase
  • Legal services in the sale and purchase of real estate (including cooperation with notaries in escrow provision and payment of the purchase price)
  • Legal services in encumbering real estate (easements, pledges)
  • Representation at land registries
  • Settlement of joint owner relations
  • Legal support in development projects
  • Legal services in the settlement of lease relations

Employment law

  • Advice in the establishment, amendment and termination of employment relationships (preparation of employment agreements, notices of termination, termination of employment without notice and other employment law documents)
  • Advice on alternative employment contracts (agreement to complete a job, agreement to perform work)
  • Analysis of employment relationships, legal analyses and opinions
  • Review of employment law documents, monitoring of legislation
  • Employment law audits (due diligence)
  • Advice on the preparation of internal rules regarding employment law, staff regulations and other employment law documents
  • Collective redundancies, advice on closure of companies
  • Advice on agency work
  • Dealing with issues with regard to the employment of foreigners
  • Representation in employment law disputes


  • Advice on impending insolvencies and ongoing insolvency proceedings
  • Representation of debtors and creditors at all stages of insolvency proceedings
  • Protection against abusive insolvency petitions
  • Assertion of claims in insolvency proceedings

Intellectual property law

  • Advice regarding copyright and rights related to copyright
  • Advice regarding trade mark and industrial design rights (registration, administration and transfer of national and international trade marks)
  • Advice regarding patent and invention rights
  • Representation before the Industrial Property Office
  • Comprehensive legal services in the preparation of licence agreements
  • Advice on unfair competition
  • Advice regarding know-how and trade secrets
  • Representation in the assertion of claims arising from the violation of intellectual property rights

Administrative law

  • Legal representation in administrative proceedings, proceedings before tax authorities, customs authorities, building authorities, land registries, ministries and other central government authorities
  • Representation in administrative offence procedures and infringement procedures
  • Representation in status issues (such as proceedings to issue residency permits and work permits to foreigners)
  • Assertion of rights in the administrative field through actions against public administration decisions
  • Comprehensive advice in personal data protection
  • Comprehensive advice regarding energy law (such as obtaining energy trading licenses, preparation of energy projects)


  • Representation before courts of all instances in the Czech Republic
  • Execution of all necessary legal actions to assert all types of claims before courts
  • Representation in arbitration proceedings (including international arbitration)
  • Legal support in negotiations on out-of-court settlements