News 4/2017

WTS Alfery’s excellent ranking in “The Legal 500”

WTS Alfery has achieved an excellent ranking amongst tax law firms.

Over the past 14 years our firm has ranked in the 3rd section, alongside major multinational firms, which is, without doubt, a great result.

This year, WTS Alfery has been ranked in the 2nd section of the tax law firm rating.

“This is a great appreciation of our work: I would like to thank all my colleagues!” says Jana Alfery, senior partner, adding,

“We will strive to further increase our rating over the next year!”

The evaluation overview is destined for all clients seeking a suitable consulting firm.

As part of the annual assessment, each firm undergoes a comprehensive process in which it presents a detailed description of the nature and extent of significant transactions. Afterwards, an interview is held with the firm’s partners and the representatives of those clients who have consented to be included in the list of transactions.

“The Legal 500“ is published as a book and online at: