News 2/2022

Do you forget to publish your financial statements in the collection of documents? Entrust the tax office!

As we have already pointed out several times in our news, accounting entities are obliged to publish their financial statements in the collection of documents of the public register. In recent years, the registry courts have focused on compliance with this obligation, sanctioning missing financial statements by imposing fines or even deleting corporations from the commercial register. The legislators have responded to this situation and offered a helping hand to business corporations.

The amendment to the Accounting Act now allows accounting entities to request the tax administrator to forward the financial statements contained in the tax return to the relevant registry court in lieu of the accounting entity, starting in 2021. The aim is to reduce the administrative burden and eliminate the duplication of submission of the same forms to different public authorities.

This method of transmitting financial statements can be used for the first time for the tax (and accounting) period which began in 2021. When filing a corporate income tax return, the “Application for transmission of financial statements to the public registry” must be completed and the financial statements must be attached to the extent provided for by law. The completeness of the financial statements remains the responsibility of the entity. The entity’s obligation to publish the financial statements is already fulfilled when the filing is made with the competent tax authority.

Should you wish us to assist you in any way with the publication of your financial statements in the commercial register, please do not hesitate to contact your advisor from our office.

Alfery Team