News 16/2017

International tax news in WTS Global publications

We would like to inform you of three newsletters recently published by WTS Global: International WTS Journal, Transfer Pricing Newsletter and WTS Global VAT Newsletter.

Tax Control Framework

The latest issue of the International WTS Journal deals with the “Tax Control Framework” (TCF) – internal VAT control procedures designed to eliminate misstatements and risks using software tools.

In some countries, the existence and the proper setting of a TCF bring certain benefits to taxable entities, such as faster tax inspections.

The current issue of the International WTS Journal presents the Tax Control Frameworks of 16 countries. The situation in the Czech Republic is described in an article on page 8 of the newsletter.

International WTS Journal is available in PDF format here.

Transfer pricing

In recent years, WTS Global has focused intensively on transfer pricing, as proven by the current issue of the regular Transfer Pricing Newsletter.

You can learn about recent developments in the field of transfer pricing in 12 countries worldwide, including the Czech Republic (page 4).

VAT news

WTS Global also carefully follows VAT developments. News from 13 countries is available here.

We hope you find some of the WTS Global newsletters of interest. Should you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us at any time.

Your WTS Alfery team